Improving the world through fully autonomous last mile delivery

Evolution through Innovation

With millions of deliveries each day, the demand for last mile delivery providers grows by nearly 20% each year. As demand continues to increase, technology needs to drive progress with environmentally considerate solutions that meet customer expectations.

Meet Yandex Autonomous
Delivery Robot

Autonomous driving
Spacious capacity
Sidewalk navigation

Yandex Robots in Action

Restaurant partnerships
Grocery service
On-campus delivery

Rover’s Advanced Capability

Same tech stack as our Autonomous Cars
20 years of AI development experience
Constant improvement through continuous learning
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Company News

Building The Next Generation of Delivery Robots
An insider’s look at the process, from concept development to final production.
Yandex partners with Majid Al Futtaim to bring autonomous robot delivery to Dubai
The partnership will make Carrefour the first omnichannel retailer in the region to use self-driving robots to deliver orders.
Yandex SDG and Grubhub Launch Robot Delivery at The Ohio State University
The Big 10 school is the first campus to deploy Grubhub delivery via Yandex robots as students return for the fall semester.
Yandex and Grubhub Partner for Robot Delivery on US College Campuses
Yandex autonomous delivery robots will expand Grubhub’s delivery capabilities, including in campus areas only accessible by foot.
Mon Jun 27 2022 15:32:11 GMT+0300 (Moscow Standard Time)